Hanging by a thread

Nobody Said It Would Be A Cake Walk

I’m sitting in the emergency medical centre and I’m thinking forward to tonight,
all I want to do is get home light the fire and indulge in a couple of beers while I cook dinner.

FUCK SAKE there has to be some way of relaxing……what about ME, what is nice for me?

You don’t understand there is NO ESCAPING these kids, I get very little time out, and a drink at least will numb my irritation levels while I get through the evening.

It’s the last weekend of the school holidays, it’s pissing with rain and the kids are sick! High temps and headaches, but that’s not why I’m sat in the emergency clinic.

The one kid that hasn’t got the flu as a fucken stuck infected baby tooth!!!!

I’ve battled thru a storm, driving for 35mins in massive traffic with one poor child in misery, highly anxious, and the other 3 with fevers.

What other ways of relaxing are there for me other than to have a couple of drinks?

 Driving home the thought of a few beers made my mouth water, walking up to the house I thought ‘fuck it, I’m having a drink, I never said I was going to give up totally’.

I walked inside, hubby had arrived home, he’d lit the fire and organised dinner, I made myself a soda stream, sat down on the couch by the fire, wrapped myself in a blanket, told the kids to go watch T.V…..and eventually the urge passed….well whaddya know! Divine intervention? Thirst quenched with soda? Fire Side Zen?

Yes Yes and Yes……I remain 1 week without touching any alcohol….amazing, and I dealt with stress without alcohol,

Hanging on by a thread, maybe I can do this, go me!

2 thoughts on “Nobody Said It Would Be A Cake Walk”

  1. One week and counting. Well done you. I cant even imagine how tough it must be but reading your words makes me believe in you. Hang in there mama!

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