Good Friends

Good Friends And Shocking Revelations

Tonight we had our dear friends over for dinner. Mr and Mrs H.
My husband spent his teen years growing up with this couple, the bond they share is very close. I met them shortly after the husband and I became a couple when I lived in London on my OE, and I can happily say that over the years of getting to know them I feel like they are my close friends too.
Most of the times when we get together we drink…a lot, and we have shared some really fun times, lots of laughs and the ability to be ourselves without fear of judgement that only close friends have.

Husband told them prior to the night that I’d stopped drinking, so they were prepared, and so was I for some good-natured teasing and questioning. Honestly, there was a tiny bit of teasing initially but my friend said to me, “No babe you do whats right for you, you never know you might have a break for a while, or you might just never drink again” So I felt really at ease, and not pressured at all.

I’d gone out and bought a bottle of Seedlip (non-alcoholic distilled spirits) I’ve seen a bit about it online, and I really wanted to try it. One thing my friend had trouble getting her head around was why bother? Why not just drink juice or water, she had a point, Seedlip is quite expensive, I guess I just wanted to give it a try and see what it tasted like and if drinking it would make me feel more included, a special treat for me.
Apparently, you garnish the drink with peas, all I had were frozen peas, and I was a little heavy on the garnishing, snorts of laughter all round when my special drink looked like a jug of microwaved peas.

It was a lovely relaxed evening, it always is with this couple. After the hustle and bustle of feeding the children and sorting the dishes, we retired to the lounge to watch some footy. In my head, I worried about coming across as boring, especially when there were moments of silence, I felt like I should fill them with a joke or interesting conversation, but I didn’t because it wouldn’t have been authentic, and its normal to have moments of quiet sometimes.

My husband started making shots and Long Island Ice Teas for himself and Mrs H, (Mr H was driving), I really enjoyed watching them have a laugh and found myself laughing along, I felt like I’d had a few shots myself weirdly as if their energy was contagious.

It was when we were hugging goodbye at the end of the night that I had my revelation.
Mrs H and Husband were thinking I’d crack and have a drink one day.
To ‘crack’ and have a drink I would need to have a craving for one, and tonight I didn’t want any alcohol at all, not once did I actually want a drink……holy smoke, I didn’t even give it a second thought! My major concern was coming across as boring!
Ha! Maybe I’ve turned a corner.  There is a possibility I’ll moderate in future, but for now, remaining alcohol-free feels like the right place to be.
Good company, great banter and shocking revelations!!

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