Mother knows best

Mother Knows Best

My mum is the only person in my life that’s ever told me that I drink too heavily.
But we tend to not listen to our mothers, do we?

Binge drinking just seems normal for young people in NZ, it’s how you drink, being able to start drinking is like a right of passage. I don’t think when we’re young that we fully comprehend the risks, the physical health risks and the mental health risks, we’re not taught how to moderate, and drinking is fun.

Even now I’ll catch myself thinking, just one beer, Nah, what’s the point in having one, you may as well not have any.

The fact that my Mum’s the only one to ever tell me off for drinking to much is why I’m blogging anonymously, nobody else, except myself and my mother, thinks It’s an issue

People love me when I’m drunk; I’m funny and fucking outrageous.
I’m boring when I’m sober. I’m awkward, shy and tongue-tied, It’s like I have two separate personalities……I’ve even given my drunk personality a name, she heaps of fun to be around at the time, but she makes some dangerous decisions and boy she’s a bitch the next day.

I recently started listening to this podcast called ‘The Bubble Hour” The journeys some people have been on are incredible, and what alcoholism did to their lives…scary.

I’ve heard them saying alcoholism is an elevator, and there’s only one direction, that’s down, how soon you get off is up to you.

I want to get off now before I head in a direction that’s too hard to return from.

I see one person read my first post….Hello out there!!!!

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