What's with the way I drink

Banishing The Booze Hag

I’m Banishing Hangovers

Being a Kiwi, alcohol saturates most things I do. In our culture, it’s an integral part of relaxing, socialising, and having fun, a treat on a sunny afternoon, or after mowing the lawns on a hot day. A staple drink at family get-togethers. It’s always there.
I’m not a daily drinker….maybe I am in the summer holidays…and I can go for a couple of months at a time without drinking. What I’ve noticed lately is that I’ve become a binge drinker.  

No that’s a lie! I’ve always been a binge drinker, from the age of 18, when you can go clubbing, and experience a little more adult freedom, one or two is never enough. The purpose of drinking is to get drunk…duh!

I hit the booze hard from 18-29. Far out that’s 11yrs of binge drinking on the weekends! I could be so much more intelligent; I mourn for my lost brain cells!

Then during my 30s, I had 5 kids, so for 10 years, I was either pregnant, breastfeeding and just trying to keep my head above the water. Binge nights were few and far between.
There was the odd occasion after a day of having 5 little people in my face where alcohol soothed my frayed nerves and gave me a certain numbness to continue through dinner bath and bedtime, but like I say, it was only sometimes.

A funny thing has happened since my kids have reached an easier age, It’s like I’ve found my second wind, I’ve unleashed the monster within, and I’ve been letting my hair down….no I’ve been swinging it round like a stripper twirling around a pole, (true story!) LIFE BEGINS AT 40 BITCHES! 

But hangovers are taking their toll. They’re getting so much worse; it’s not just the physical hangover that goes on for almost 2 days, it’s also the mental hangover. Anxiety, shame and depression, have become my best friends for a good 5 days after a bingey booze session, and I just can’t keep going like this. 6 hours of fun drinking is not worth 120 hours of personal hell.

I want to explore my relationship with alcohol.Why do I drink so much so quickly?
Can I stop at one beer?
Why have I started to get blackouts?

Can I party till late without it?
Am I going to be the most boring person in Auckland?
Am I a take or leave it kinda gal or have I become dependant on the stuff?
Should I moderate my alcohol intake in one sitting, have a dry spell for a couple of months or go teetotal?
What are the tricks?
Do I have a drinking problem?
What about holidays?……you gotta drink on holiday!
New Year?

All of my friend’s bar one or two love to party with the booze free-flowing; I’m going to get so much shit from them!

Holy smoke I think it could be impossible………but I’m determined to explore everything, and make connections with any supportive people out there, lord knows I need help, I’m surrounded by booze hags, just like me!

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